Nhrs Sportster

Why settle for 1200cc when you can have 1250? The legendary NRHS 1250cc packages are currently readily available for an uncommon price of just $599.95! Step up to the power of a 1250 package today!

Iron-lined lightweight aluminum 1250cc kits are currently offered at this terrific cost in either silver, black, or black with highlighted fins repainted finish. Packages include all new bored as well as honed cylindrical tubes, built piston packages with rings, and also Cometic head/base gasket sets. These sets are ready to screw on, no case boring needed.

We have sets readily available for all 1986 as well as up Buells and Sportster.

Maybe you want that XR750 look from your XL/Buell engine. Or maybe you have a need for the oil pump and shock area to be readily accessible. NRHS can mill your cam cover for you to precise tolerances so as to not disrupt camshaft end play. By the way, it looks way cool too!

114-001    XL/Buell Cam Cover Cutdown – $95.00
XL cam cover receives the cutdown treatment in the CNC machine. The lower left dowel hole is preserved to maintain proper alignment.


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