Self-경남출장마사지 Massage: Massage Your Back

Hello, this is Dr. Kelly Coleman Physical Therapist at Aptitude Physical Therapy. And today we’re going to be talking about a way that you can even 경남출장마사지 massage your own back at least a very hard-to-reach area of it.

And I do this myself and find 경남출장마사지 Massage very comforting. And so it’s just kind of those fun videos that I hope you enjoy today. In this video picture what you see is our subject is taking just a PVC pipe.

We typically use a thicker-walled PVC pipe that you can sometimes get from a local hardware store. This one is called Schedule 40. We’ve cut a little strip so the person can control that from the top of it on down, and we can see that it doesn’t extend too far but is just kind of a nice length to work with.

And what you’re seeing here is we’re going to dig into the muscles between the shoulder blades. And with that, we’re going to slide that PVC pipe to the left and the right. Sometimes if we get one painful spot, we’ll just stop and hold some pressure.

So just hold the pressure there if you find that little tender area, and we can hold that sometimes 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes somewhere in through there as long as the pain is letting up. It’s a really neat way to just give yourself some relief after a long day of work for those muscles and then you can do the same thing reverse the hands.

And we’ll do it to the other side. So if you reverse your hands there. Okay. And what I have the person also doing is kind of hooking the top of their pants with their hand that gives a nice anchor down at the base.

We’re going to kind of zoom in so you can kind of see that little piece of it where you’re holding the pants with one hand. Anyway and then the control of the movement occurs from the use of the upper hand.

Ok. Enjoy this exercise; it sometimes can bring a lot of good comfort at the end of a long day if you get some pain between your shoulder blades. Thank you for watching this Youtube video. If you liked it, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We have more information about 경남출장마사지 Massage that we’re constantly bringing to you along these lines. And just hope that you enjoy this to better enjoy life.

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