Table Hopping Playing 안전놀이터 2ND BANKER!

I’m working on a course called 안전놀이터 gambling bankroll builder – I am going to show you how I took a 5 000 starting bankroll and turned it into 50. 000, very exciting, so be on the lookout.

For that, you can pre-order the bankroll builder on Black Friday on my website, Okay, so for session number 27, we are slightly raising our starting unit size to 12, we’re looking for a balance of 747 dollars, which means we have to make around 36 dollars for session number 27.

. Let’s go all right, so the strategy we will be using is the second banker. If you don’t know how to play the second banker. You wait for a player streak of two or more to come to an end by a banker and then bet for a second banker to show up nice and simple.

I do have a full video on the second banker on my youtube channel, so you can go ahead and check that out. If you want. As for our betting progression, we will use a delayed negative progression. I will start with 50 of our unit size for the session, so, for example, session number 27.

Our unit size is 12. So if you break that in half you would get six dollar chips and you can see the progression on the screen right now. If we lose, we will move one to the right and if we win, we will move one to the left.

If we get to the end of the progression, that is our stop loss 안전놀이터 and we will end the session. Okay, let’s go ahead and find a table and start playing. Second banker: okay, I just joined this table, as you guys can see.

A two-streak on the player has just ended, so we can jump right in with a bet on the banker. Okay, here we go looking for a winning goal of 747 dollars for this session. Okay, we lose our first bet: minus six, I’m gonna pop a re-bet because we’re moving one to the right, so another six-dollar bet here.

Okay, we lose that one as well. All right, I’m gonna go to 12 chips now and for the second banker, I like to set a stop loss in terms of losses in a row. So if we lose three in a row, we will head over to another table.

Okay guys, but we don’t. We get a natural 8 on the banker’s side, so plus 12. For us, that is a break-even and when I play second banker I like to table hop all right, so I’m going to exit the table this way, I can give you guys more action.

Instead of making you wait around all right, all I’m doing is looking for a player streak such as this table right over here. You can see that two in a row have gone for the player and I will just join a table where I see a player streak.

As you can see the player is streaking at three in a row, so we will wait for our trigger on this table. Okay, guys, as you can see, the player streak has ended, so we will jump right in with a bet on the bank and since I won the last bet, I’m moving one to the left.

That is why I’m placing a six-dollar bet here. Okay, so we lose that bet moving 안전놀이터 online casino one to the right, so this bet will be a twelve-dollar bet: natural nine for the banker perfect, plus 12.. Okay, and again, let’s go table hopping and we’re gonna look for a playful streak.

This one has a long player streak all right. Let’s go with this one. When you’re table hopping, I like to go for a fairly new shoe at most. If it’s midway, that’s fine as long as you’re, not close to the end of the shoe.

The alright player keeps winning so we’re just gonna wait patiently here for the banker to break the streak there we go streak broken by the banker moving one to the left, so this is a six-dollar bet natural eight.

For the banker perfect, that’s a hit for us all right. You know what time it is table hopping time, don’t want to keep you guys waiting around. So this is how I like to play. The second banker, I’m going to look for another player streak here, you see.

Take a look at this table, it’s close to the end. She just pulled out the red card, so you don’t want to join a table like that. This one is okay, it’s almost at the midway point and I could see that player has gone two in a row and the banker has broken the street perfectly.

We could jump right in moving one to the left on our progression, so we are back to the beginning six dollars. We are at plus 12 at the moment. Okay, we pick up that win perfect another plus six, all right we’re going to exit the table.

Look for another table, I would join this 안전놀이터 table, although, for some reason, speed, bachata b has a fast timer. It only gives you about five seconds to place a bet, not what I’m looking for. So, let’s see if we can get a bet in because a player streak has just broken here, so I’m going to try to get a bet in all right.

We do have enough time. Perfect, just got the bed off in time. Okay, we pick up another win. Banker wins great, I’m gonna exit. Here, let me know in the comments, if you prefer this way of playing second banker, the table hopping method, because sometimes a player streak takes a while to show up right.

So I find table hopping to be more efficient. All right, I might be too late to get off a bit here. Yeah. I would have won that it’s okay, let’s look for another table! Okay, let’s try this one. Okay, the perfect player streak has just ended by a banker, we can jump right in perfect banker wins another plus six for us and we are at 744 dollars.

You know what three dollars off of our win goal. So actually, let’s call that a session all right, because if I place another six-dollar bet that would be above our winning goal. You know what we’re gonna call it a session here, guys I’m gonna go ahead and exit the table.

Okay, let’s remember our balance: 744.36. I’ve been gonna pull up the spreadsheet okay 744.36 session number 27 in the books, and there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, a nice quick session table hopping playing the second banker.

Amazing second banker is my most viewed youtube. Video with over a hundred thousand views, so people do seem to enjoy it. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to destroy the like button. It helps out my channel and encourages me to make more videos for you guys to subscribe to.

If you haven’t already turned on bell notifications, that way you get notified whenever I upload my brand new videos, and as mentioned earlier in the video be on the lookout for bankroll builder, I’m very excited about very exciting stuff black friday on my website misterrafael.

com. It’s how I turned a 5 000 starting bankroll into 50 000 still growing and by the way you don’t need to have a 5 000 starting bankroll. But I will say that if you are interested in the bankroll builder course, you should have a minimum of a 500 starting bankroll if you can do 1000 even better, but at a minimum 500.

Okay, keep that in mind! Okay! So I’m really looking forward to releasing 안전놀이터 that, and that is it for this video to all of my American friend’s happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones.

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